EngineRoom specialises in enabling the world to leverage, discover and create value from their data. We enable this via 5 discrete Product and Service offerings.


engine_cog DataEngine Data as a Service - Consulting, and Mining Operations
engine_cog StudioEngine Studio as a Service - Tech, Games, Animation and Visual Effects Infrastructure
engine_cog EngineHPC On Demand HPC and Big Data processing
engine_cog ImageEngine 1+ Million FIle Digital Asset Management, DRM and Cotent Delivery Platform
engine_cog EngineDR Disaster Recovery as a Service


EngineRoom / HPC Mechanics & Data Scientists have extensive experience in BigData processing in the established fields of


engine_cog Media & Entertainment
engine_cog BioScience / Medical & Pharmaceutical Simulation & Research
engine_cog GeoScience
engine_cog Financial Services
engine_cog Oil & Gas Exploration / Mining
engine_cog Energy
engine_cog Engineering and Construction


We specialize in applying abstract analytical ideas from mathematical, physical and statistical science to problems in the real world. From Genome Sequencing, Hydro-Dynamic Flow simulations, LIDAR Signal processing, to Animation and VFX Rendering, EngineRoom is a provider of proven Data Processing Platforms, Solutions, Technology, and Analytics Support Services.

EngineRoom excel in the use of client data to help make better strategic, operating, creative and investment decisions; including customer behavior prediction, time-series forecasting, segmentation and cross-sell/up-sell maximization. EngineRoom also offers analytical services in mathematical and physical modeling; specializing in Quantum Computation and Machine Learning & Data Mining algorithm design and development.

EngineRoom / HPC also provides bespoke analysis and modelling frameworks for customer modelling scenarios and advice on leveraging your data via our established & seasoned Analysts & Modelling team.


Our customers access the EngineRoom / HPC BigData processing platform via a persistent Linux / Windows environment that includes a complete HPC software stack and is directly connected to dedicated compute clusters for job execution. Our Clients run jobs from their login node or through an online interface for job submission, monitoring and accounting from any system connected to the web.


Access to the EngineRoom / HPC cloud is cost-effective, convenient and secure, plus you only pay for the actual computing resources that you use. EngineRoom / HPC is available to existing VAR / MSP's that wish to provide a fully integrated HPC offering to their exising orchestration platform, without the overhead of delivering and resourcing the service internally.


EngineRoom / HPC can also provide Hybrid Cloud HPC via an interface with Google Compute Engine and has systems that can leverage the Google BigQuery Platform for discrete proiects.



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